Wide Possibilities

By using Parsys, all the processes of the printing organization, from the time of getting to know the customer to the delivery of the final product to him, are fully registered in the software and the data is intelligently analyzed, categorized and ready to be used for the next parts and finally reporting will be managed.

Persian language and localized

All the numerous menus and facilities of Parsys are produced in Persian language and taking into account the conditions of the operators of each part of a printing complex (production hall operators, office operators, etc.) to make working with this software easier, more accurate and efficient slow down

Training and deployment of the system

One of the best features of the Parsys software is its complete deployment by an experienced management team step by step. The company’s commitment is not only the sale and support of the software, we will carry out training and testing together with the customer in each part and deliver it to the relevant unit gave

High security of information

High security of information, taking into account different levels of access and intelligent workflow engine, is another feature of this software, which makes information flow in an intelligent, accurate, fast and safe way between different parts of a printing organization. The use of Spring Acegi technology, one of the strongest data security technologies, has made this software impenetrable and secure.

How to produce

Parsys software was produced by an experienced team of the most professional organizational management specialists and professional programmers, taking into account the working conditions of the printing industry in the country.

Fast, accurate and easy reporting

Many management reports for control and policy making for the organization are other features of Parsys software The software’s web-based capability allows you to access these reports in any geographic location with only one internet line.

Available and easy Support

The most important part of a powerful software like Parsis is the support and availability of its support experts. The Parsis support team is ready to advise and serve customers. The satisfaction of current customers is one of the company’s prides